Your tailormade tour!

Our “Best of Everything” is for anyone looking for something special for their family. Tailored, individual and only for you!

What is it?

We will send you and your family on tour! The tailor-made tour works like a subscription with at least 3 cultural program items or tour stops in a period of your choice.

How do I order?

Answering the following questions helps us to prepare your tour: How often do you want to do something “cultural”? No matter if once a week, once a month or even more often – let us know. On which days of the week does family planning permit an extra activity? What does your family enjoy most?

  • Museum
  • Theatre
  • Opera
  • Workshop
  • Themed Guided Tour

How old is your child or the children?

Get inspired by our tour recommendations  here

I am too busy to send you a detailed inquiry - is there a shortcut?

No problem, the age of the kids should be sufficient to receive a “Surprise-Tour” from us. Alternatively, you can always call us and tell us your preferences: 01-9456866

Mo – Wed 8:30 am – 2 pm
Thurs 11 am – 5 pm
Fr 8:30 am – 2 pm

From which age on can my kids go on a tour with you?

We do offer tours for every age-group, ranging from special morning movie sessions with a baby to solo discovery tours for teenage kids. We can also provide your kids with pedagogically trained adults to accompany the kids.

How much is it?

The pricing is determined according to your individual wishes, the minimum booking includes 3 tour stops.  We do know Vienna, its institutions and venues well and of course it is important for us to put together tours as reasonable as possible, but our prices are also heavily dependent on your chosen dates, the availability, the different categories in the venues and the group sizes.