About Us

familytours.at – we are Tina Gausterer-Hofmeister and Kathrin Schulz. We met in Kindergarten, to be precise at the nursery of our boys, who are only 3 weeks apart in age.

After many years of playdates, birthday parties, excursions to museums, playgrounds and the zoo, afternoons spent with workshops, swimming lessons, ice skating sessions as well as various illnesses of the little ones, not only our friendship grew, but also the idea for familytours.at was born.
Together we find solutions for (almost) every problem of the small and the big ones and we NEVER leave the fun out of sight!

Tina Gausterer – Hofmeister

Tina was born and raised in Styria. Thanks to her fun granny she already travelled the world as a child. After the Matura and five years of travelling and studying all across Europe she came back to Austria and moved to Vienna. Her appetite for an international surrounding was quenched by working for a Private American University. For the next 14 years she wore several hats there in the field of Communication and Event Management. Her two kids were born in 2005 and 2008 and from 2012 she pursued a Master in Business Administration degree at the American University, which she completed and graduated from in 2015. She is also a part-time bookseller by passion and through her family heritage, so the familytours.at community will always be provided with the latest book release highlights for families.


Kathrin Schulz

Born and raised in Linz, Upper Austria.

After graduating from her Matura she took off to the United States for a while. Back in Vienna she studied History of Art and worked in the Fashion Industry. Through her collaboration there and the organization of events she spent longer periods of time abroad in Milan as well as in Paris. Following that she entered the Film- and TV industry. After her son’s birth in 2005 Kathrin worked as an independent editor for several film-and TV productions, until she became the editor in chief for a weekly cultural magazine on TV. While working as an editor it has always been of special importance to Kathrin to report about cultural events about or for children and teenager.



Lili , Laurence and Lorenz, our kids!


 Our office dog!